Tips for Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Creating great content is important for any successful marketing strategy. Your content is what attracts new customers, engages your existing audience, and helps build brand awareness. Let’s go through the key steps for developing a strong content marketing plan that aligns with your business goals with a content marketing consultancy in Canada.

Social Media Content Plans Explained

Many marketers focus solely on social media content creation without thinking strategically about how each piece of content ladders up to broader goals. An effective social media content plan outlines what you plan to post on each channel and why. It should map to stages of the customer journey, from awareness-building content to conversion-focused posts.

The Steps for Creating Great Content for Your Marketing Strategy

Audience Research

The first step is understanding your target audience. Map out customer demographics, interests, pain points, and preferred content formats. Use surveys, focus groups, and online listening tools to gain customer insights. This allows you to create resonant content tailored to their needs.

Do Competitive Analysis

Examine what content your competitors are creating and look for gaps or areas where you can take a different approach. See what content resonates most with their audience to get ideas.

Set KPIs

Define your Key Performance Indicators for content success. These could include website traffic, lead generation, engagement rate, sales revenue driven by content, and more. Setting goals helps focus your efforts.

Develop the Creation Plan

With your audience and competitive research complete, map out the types of content you’ll create and promote. This could include blog posts, videos, infographics, ebooks, and more. Build an editorial calendar to schedule out content creation and amplification.

Build a Calendar

Your calendar should outline what content you’ll produce week-by-week and when it will be promoted. Coordinate with other marketing initiatives and campaigns. Use your competitive analysis to identify high-value periods, such as holidays or industry events, to create complementary content.


Continuously evaluate content performance against your KPIs. Double down on what works well and course correct on underperforming pieces. Be flexible and optimize as you go.

Contact Dragon’s Eye Consulting for a Professional Strategy

Developing an effective, in-depth content marketing plan takes time and expertise. The content marketing consultancy in Canada at Dragon’s Eye Consulting can handle this for you. Contact us to learn about our content strategy, creation, and promotion services tailored to your business goals.

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