Display Advertising Services in Hamilton & St. Catharines

At Dragon’s Eye Consulting, we know the importance of strong display advertising to help you reach your target audience and drive conversions. Our experts specialize in creating compelling display ads that engage prospects and keep your brand top of mind throughout the entire sales path. With our approach and data-driven optimization, we make sure that your display advertising campaigns deliver maximum impact and return on investment.

Display Advertising Services in Hamilton & St. Catharines

Our display advertising services in Hamilton and St. Catharines include a wide range of platforms and techniques to make sure your message reaches the right audience at the right time. We use various targeting methods which include contextual, placement, remarketing, interest, topic, location, language, and demographic targeting, to deliver highly relevant ads to your ideal prospects.

Display Advertising Platforms and Channels

We offer display advertising services across multiple platforms and channels, including:

  • Google Display Network

Seamlessly integrated with search campaigns which allows for seamless cross-channel advertising.

  • Google Display Remarketing

Targeted ads that follow users based on predefined criteria and keep your brand top of mind.

  • Programmatic Providers

Advanced targeting and placement options through sophisticated programmatic advertising platforms.

Our Approach to Display Advertising at Dragon’s Eye Consulting

Target Audience Research

Our display advertising specialists act as an extension of your team as they fully understand your customers and prospects. They apply customized audience targeting using diverse technologies to get your ads to reach qualified customers.

Complete Strategy

We use data from various tools to make sure your budget is spent efficiently and leads to higher-quality traffic and more conversions to your website. We also work closely with our analytics, design, and UX teams to improve the user’s path from ad to landing page to conversion.

Ad Creative and Landing Page Development

We create ads and landing pages that grab your target audience’s attention and resonate with your brand’s voice and messaging.

Monitoring and Optimization

We monitor and optimize your campaigns to make sure your ads and content meet your audience’s needs and drive maximum engagement and conversions.

Ongoing Reporting

Real-time reporting keeps you informed about your display advertising performance. This provides insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.

Why Choose Dragon’s Eye Consulting for Display Advertising Services?

Our team of certified experts includes Google Analytics Certified professionals, designers, and UX specialists. We take a broad approach to display advertising, viewing it as part of digital marketing strategy and optimizing every touchpoint to create a seamless user experience and conversion channel.


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Let’s improve your brand’s visibility, drive more website traffic, and maximize conversions with our display advertising services in Hamilton and St. Catharines. Contact our team at Dragon’s Eye Consulting to discuss some of your goals and how we can help you achieve them through strategic display advertising.

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