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With our Techcard you can network and connect with others faster and more easily than ever. Never forget your business cards at home again, and customize your virtual Techcard today!

Choose The Right Digital Networking Solution For Your Needs

Techcard Platforms

We’re making networking and contact organization easy with Techcards. Get a personally branded digital solution to share with prospects so you can focus on meeting the people who will help you grow your business.


Techcard Executive

You’ll get your own personalized NFC Card or key tag that you can carry wherever you go. Prospects can scan your card and are directed to your branded custom mobile marketing platform. They’ll be directed to your landing page where they can access multiple marketing channels of your choosing. It includes not only your phone number, location, and email but also direct links to your website, and social media, as well as options for calendar and social media integrations along with custom forms or your E-commerce platform.

Perfect for individuals looking for a customized Digital Networking Solution to be prepared for any opportunity!

Techcard Teams

If you have a team of 5 or more, Techcard Teams is the ideal economical choice. Each team member will get a card with their own contact information on a customized business page to maintain a cohesive business platform.

Each card will include a phone number, email, SMS, and two individual options.

Techcard One

Get a single-orientation NFC card with a laser-focused purpose. Allow clients to leave Google Reviews quickly and easily, run a campaign or connect to your E-commerce store with a single tap!

Techcard Connect

This group networking platform is the ideal method of networking in the modern world. Each member gets a customized page complete with individual branding, contact information, and a biography to tell the group what you and your business offer.

Techcard Connects makes it easier to harness the power of networking by driving business referrals, showcasing your network, and building new business opportunities in real-time. All group members can quickly access and share other member’s information from any mobile device by text, digital platform, or email.Three packages are available to choose from and include your choice of NFC card or key tag for each member.

  1. Mini Pack includes up to 3 members and works best for small workgroups such as those in real estate, law, or finance.
  2. Power Pack allows up to 5 members and is perfect for small networking groups looking to grow their base and strengthen group referrals.
  3. Super Pack is for groups with over 5 members who are active in networking groups looking to activate direct member referrals in real time. 

 Control your branding and help your members grow their businesses with Techcard Connect.

Techcard Leads

We’ve made it easier to safely and securely exchange contact information at any sized networking event. With Techcard Leads, when you share your contact information with someone, they get a prompt to send you theirs in return. Contacts are immediately sent to your email so you can keep track of everyone you meet.

With Techcard Leads, you can:

  • Star important people to remind yourself who to contact
  • Choose who you share your information with
  • Send contacts to your full platform, or just supply your email
  • New contacts don’t need to use the platform to share details
  • Mutually consensual information exchange
  • Quickly and easily connect while protecting your data

Make networking and getting leads faster and more reliable through our Techcard Leads platform.

Techcard Legacy

When you lose a loved one, having a memorial to remind you of their life can be invaluable. Legacy is an interactive picture frame with your favourite photo of your friend, family member, or beloved pet, and connects to your own unique destination page.

Remember the joyous life that was lived whenever you choose. Your personalized frame connects to a destination page where you can view:

  • Memory photos
  • A biography or obituary
  • Custom video of your choosing
  • Up to 6 action buttons that connect to places such as social media pages, photo albums, or final resting place locations

Legacy can be pre-planned as part of a final arrangements package, or private labelled for resale.

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