4 Tips for Choosing the Right PPC Agency

Businesses don’t need to handle everything by themselves when it comes to PPC management. Collaborating with industry professionals and entrusting your paid media campaigns to a dedicated and expert team will lighten your workload and improve results.

Our team at Dragon’s Eye Consulting outlines four helpful tips on how to select a PPC agency that not only yields results but also provides strategic guidance and data-driven insights.

4 Tips for Selecting a PPC Agency

In your quest for PPC management services tailored to your business, it’s vital to follow the steps outlined below throughout the search and interview stages.

  1. Set Goals and a Budget

Before selecting an agency, ensure your internal team agrees on goals and budget. PPC management experts will likely seek these details. They should assist in determining key performance indicators (KPIs) for success and may propose budget adjustments based on your target audience. Discussing this during the discovery stages enables the agency to tailor the strategy to your campaign goals.

  1. Ask PPC Agencies the Right Questions

Digital marketing agencies vary widely in their offerings, so how do you find the perfect fit? Be sure to ask questions! Details matter and can determine if a company is the best PPC agency for you. Prepare a list of inquiries before committing to a contract. Here are some basic questions to start:

  • What level of ad management and optimization support do they provide?
  • Will they schedule weekly or monthly performance and strategy review calls?
  • How frequently can they provide reporting, and what format does it take?
  • Who will be your point of contact and project team, and who will attend meetings?
  • What industries do they typically serve, and what’s their specialty?
  • What’s their fee structure? Is it retainer-based or a percentage of media spend?
  • Do they have expertise in your target audience’s paid media channels?
  • What’s the termination policy if you’re dissatisfied? Is there a 30 or 60-day notice period?
  1. Conduct Thorough Research

Take the time to go deeper into potential PPC management partners. Many agencies promise “first page results” or “top-of-SERP ad placements,” but it’s crucial to look beyond these claims. Explore their strengths, client roster, and track record. Begin your research by using your professional network. Evaluate each company individually and compile a list of pros and cons. Consider these factors when reviewing a company’s website:

  • PPC case studies showcasing performance metrics
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Industry expertise
  1. Hold Expectations

Ensure that both teams establish alignment on workflows and clarify responsibilities for assets and tasks. Prioritize a discussion on data management, pinpointing a reliable source for accurate information. Determine whether leads are tracked in Google Analytics or Salesforce, and if revenue data originates from GA4 or Shopify. These decisions are pivotal for streamlining reporting processes and establishing efficiency in your collaborative efforts.

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