Your Personal WordPress Maintenance and Support Specialist

First impressions matter! 

Poor customer experiences or outdated content on your website mean your visitors won’t stick around and unmaintained sites can make you vulnerable to security breaches.  

But who’s got time to keep up with it all?

Now you can have your own personal WordPress maintenance and support specialist for just $99 per month!  

Our Website Maintenance and Support Program Includes:

  • Active support for your website so you have support when you need it.
  • Quick website recovery if necessary. 
  • Annual security audit with a vigorous full site inspection. 
  • Daily full site backup
  • Weekly database backup including web frame and associated content including connected forms and images
  • Uptime monitoring with alarm notifications. 
  • Weekly WordPress Core Updates (Plugin’s).
  • Two creative content blocks each month totaling up to 30 minutes for website content updates.

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